The "SMOS LTCRabbit Edition" USB stick mining operating system

  1. Why should i use "SMOS-LTCRabbit-Edition" USB stick mining operating system?
    LTC mining requires perfect configuration of your graphic card driver, operating system and the miner software cgminer/sgminer. It is very hard to configure all this and get the maximum hashrate from your graphic cards.

    Therefore, developed in cooperation with LTCRabbit a mining operating system, which is easy to use and requiring only a minimum of configuration. Just download the operating system, write it to a USB stick, boot your PC from the USB stick, enter you worker username and password (cgminer.conf/sgminer.conf) and start mining LTC.

  2. Which hardware is supported
    • Best choice: buy the new AMD R9 280x or older Radeon HD 7950 or HD 7970 (our mining operating system will work out of the box with these cards)
    • AMD Radeon HD Series R9 290x, R9 280x 7800, 7700, 7300, 6900, 6800, 6700, 6600, 6550D, 6530D, 6500, 6410D, 6370D, 6310D, 6300, 6200, 5900, 5800, 5700, 5600, 5500, 5400 (find optimal settings for these cards here.)
    • OS supports up to 6 GPUs
    • OS supports few WLAN sticks, mainly ethernet cable
  3. Create account.
    • Register here, or login if you already have account
    • Create a worker that will be used by the miner to login
  4. Download our LTC mining operating system "SMOS-LTCRabbit-Edition"
    • Extract the ZIP file. You'll find the file *.img inside
    • username: root / password: rabbit
    • SMOS-LTCRabbit-Edition is of course free of donation mining!
    • Release notes (29.05.2014)
  5. Write the image file to your USB stick (Windows)
    • Download Win32 Disk Imager and extract it
    • Insert your USB stick (minimum size: 2GB, all data will be erased, USB 2.0 or better 3.0)
    • Start Win32 Disk Imager
    • Select "SMOS-LTCRabbit-Edition.img" or similar from your disk as "image file" and select the drive letter of your USB stick as "drive". Click "write" to write the image to your USB stick.

      Note: if your USB drive letter does not show up in Win32 Disk Imager, you have to format your USB stick to allow windows to show it. Press Start - Run - "diskmgmt.msc" to open Windows Disk Management utiliy. Delete all old partitions on your USb stick and format it with NTFS or FAT32. Then your USB stick will show up in Win32 Disk Imager
  6. Boot from your USB stick
    • Insert your USB stick containing SMOS-LTCRabbit-Edition
    • Make sure your monitor is connected to your separate AMD Radeon HD graphic card and NOT to your onboard HDMI connector / or onboard graphic card
    • Boot your PC from the USB stick
    • If it does not boot from the USB stick, check the boot order in your BIOS
  7. Configure SMOS-LTCRabbit-Edition
    • You should see the desktop now
    • 20 seconds after boot, mining automatically starts. Double click on stop_mining on the desktop after mining has started. Stop_mining script gives no feedback, but it does it's job.
    • Double click on cgminer.conf (Scrypt) / sgminer.conf (X11) to open the mining configuration file (see screenshot below)

    • Replace "yourusername.workername" and "password" with your worker credentials. You find the credentials in your LTCRabbit memberarea, menu "Account" -> "Worker"
    • If you run a Radeon HD 7950, HD 7970 or R9 280x you are done. Everything is configured already. Click on start_mining on the desktop (again, this script does not give any feedback, but it starts mining).
    • If you run annother graphic card, please find the correct settings for you specific card here. You definitely have to find the correct values for:

      intensity (-I) Please lower intensity if you experience problems.
      gpu-thread (-g)
      worksize (-w)
    • If you experience problems, first thing is to disable GPU overclocking by deleting following lines in cgminer.conf (Scrypt) / sgminer.conf (X11) :

      "gpu-engine" : "1000",
      "gpu-powertune" : "20",
      "gpu-memclock" : "1250"
  8. Watch your mining rig status remotely
    • You can watch your rig mining status through annother PC located in your local network. Open the following URL in your browser:


      Please replace YourRigIP with the IP address of your mining rig. You can find it in the upper left corner of the desktop (see screenshot above)
    • You can connect to your rig by SSH (Port 222, Username root, Password rabbit):
      Linux: open terminal and enter "ssh root@YourRigIP -p 222"
      Windows: use the SSH client Putty to connect to the rig.
  9. Technical details
  10. Release notes
    • SMOS LTCRabbit Edition V1 (22.11.2013): initial release
    • SMOS LTCRabbit Edition V2 (30.12.2013): Catalyst drivers upgraded to 13.11b, ADL upgraded to 6.0, CGMiner upgraded to 3.7.2, improved webinterface. Full R9 and 7990 GPU support. Automatic reconnect of CGMiner is now working correctly.
    • SMOS LTCRabbit Edition V3 (09.04.2014): Catalyst drivers upgraded to 13.12, smaller image size, bug fixes, network patch, manager for static ip, added drivers
    • X11 SMOS LTCRabbit Edition V1 (29.05.2014): Edition supporting X11 algo and modded sgminer with improved hashrate

Credits: SMOS-LTCRabbit-Edition is based on BAMT, which was further enhanced by to SMOS, which was adapted to the needs of LTCRabbit by