Earn 5% of the LTC your referred friends mine

LTCRabbit affiliate in detail:

  • start mining with LTCRabbit
  • use the affiliate URL in your memberarea to advertise new miners for LTCRabbit in forums, emails and social media
  • each hour, we pay you 5% of the LTC your friends mined (we pay the 5% from our own pocket, your friends payment is always 100%)
  • bountys are paid for the whole lifetime of each referred friend
  • you have to keep your own hashrate up, to get full bountys for your referred friends *

Join LTCRabbit now!

* If you like to do affiliate marketing only (no mining required) and are capable of referring more than 40 new miner per month, please contact support at ltcrabbit.com for further information.