LTCRabbit pool fee and PPS value information

  1. What is your pool fee?
    LTCRabbit pays by PPS (pay per share). So we will pay you directly for each share every hour in comparison to PPLNS pools, where you have to mine for days, to get full payout.

    We are mining a) coins directly, b) mine renting campaigns and c) mine on other pools depending on what mining target is the most profitable ("meta mining"). Due to PPS and "meta mining" it's impossible to account a fixed fee. The fee for LTCRabbit can be between 0-20% depending on the mining situation. It covers losses from bad mining campaigns, hardware and maintenance. If you look at the X11 and Scrypt information pages, you'll find the excact compensation per MH you'll get into your pockets. The fee has already been deducted from the accounted values.
  2. Earn LTC by referring new users to LTCRabbit
    You can further improve your profits, by taking advantage of our affiliate program. Your earn 5% of the LTC each referred user mines for the whole lifetime of the user.
  3. Why does it make sense to mine at LTCRabbit?

    • unique profit campaign switching LTC pool optimizing your profits 24/7
    • blazing fast, with almost no downtime (your earn coins instead of looking at your miners idling)
    • financial and technical solid pool you can trust on (we use the LTC from the fees to rent servers and buy enterprise software to keep everything fast)
    • great software features: e.g. own SMOS LTCRabbit mining OS, mobile apps for all platforms
    • cute rabbit :)